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Sunday, October 19, 2008

We've Been Busy

Let's see, it's Sunday and I need to get caught up! Friday Michael headed off to his son's to try and complete the digging project but didn't finish. I went into Big Timber to run a few errands but primarily to visit friends in the nursing home. It was a difficult visit--our friend Beryl is having a difficult time being in the nursing home and has a very debilitating, sad illness. I wish I could fix the situation, but I can't.

Friday evening we went to the home of our friends Robyn and Claire to have dinner, Terry and Bo were there, too. It was a great evening, Robyn is a fabulous cook and she had made prime rib. We just had a wonderful time and stayed rather late!

Yesterday, we took a nice long walk with Jazz and she ran and rolled in the grass to her heart's content. About lunch time, we drove into Big Timber, dropped Jazz off at Nat's and picked up our friends Jill and Terry. Thursday was our 14th wedding anniversary and we were married in the home of Jill and Terry. We were headed to Red Lodge, a ski resort town about 2 hours from us. There is shopping and great places to have dinner. It was a very enjoyable afternoon and evening. We had dinner at the Grizzly Bar and after a main course of prime rib and shrimp, we all indulged in one of their famous desserts--ice cream rolled in miniature chocolate chips and drizzled with raspberry sauce, YUM!

This morning, it is raining and Michael said it rained most of the night, I slept!

This is a photo of Boone Mountain taken from near our home. After all the snow we had, I don't think we are going to have much fall color, the leaves look like they are going to turn brown and fall off.

We heard from our friends in Alamos, Mexico and all are OK but the damage to that little village is incredible they said. The Mexican government has been very prompt in getting aide to the town and repairs have all ready begun. You can view photos of the damage at Click on the left door, when the page loads, double click on the top photo on the far right side. All the photos will load and you can just click "next" to view them all.

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