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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Weather Man was Right!

We were kind of hoping the weatherman might be over estimating the amount of snow we might get, no such luck!! As I write this we have over 12 inches on the ground and the wind has blown at times making huge drifts! More snow is predicted for tonight and into the weekend, could get deep around here.

Jazzy dog doesn't like snow any better than she likes rain--we took a walk down the driveway this morning and she has been in her bed on her heating pad ever since! Poor dog.

I have quilted all day in between listening to Michael moan about the market--we finally decided to pull some of our investments today, enough loss was enough.

I'm going to try my hand at making homemade pizza tonight for dinner--it's a long way to a pizza restaurant and who wants to get out in this weather??

This photo was taken about 8am this morning and snow has fallen all day--looks like a winter wonderland doesn't it?

We still have green leaves on the trees, some of our trees haven't even changed color for the season.
Our little pond with the house in the distance.

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  1. OM! It's beautiful but sure am glad I'm not there right now. Guess I got out just in time...LOL!

    Unless you visit eastern TX this winter we probably won't get to meet up. Looks like we'll be staying more easterly with TX being the furthest west we travel till 2010. Sigh...


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