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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Half Square Triangles

Michael left early for the West Boulder and as I write this he is still not home--he will be one pooped guy when he walks in for sure!

I spent the entire day in the quilting studio. I finished 120 half square triangles for my Quilt for a Hour project from Judy's blog. Then I put a new pantograph (a pattern that you trace with a laser light onto the quilt fabric) on the machine and practiced until I ran out of practicing space on my fake quilt.

Then I loaded one of my Aunt's small quilts onto the machine and got it all ready to start quilting in the morning. I absolutely love this new hobby/job to be/passion. I have several projects I would love to get started and now that it is about to be winter, I bet I have lots of time for quilting. In the summer I seem to be too busy, spraying weeds, mowing grass, and helping Michael to get anything else done.

I think I can say without a doubt that I am truly blessed to be retired at so early an age and that I have the time to learn this new passion!

Mike and Jazz on our morning walk

Fall on the East Boulder

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