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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And More Woodcutting

We are accumulating a very large pile of firewood and logs. Nat has one of those portable sawmills and likes to make boards and it seems that Michael can always find a use for the boards. We only got one load today and then Michael went back up and got the mini-excavator. Claire and Robyn encouraged us to come back and get some more firewood and maybe we will before the weather changes again.

Sawdust flying.

While Michael was retrieving the mini-excavator, I vacuumed and cleaned a little. I also got caught up on laundry. Our front door which opens onto the deck over the creek is a leaf catcher this time of year. Then, when you open the door to let Jazz inside, several leaves manage to come in also. I got out the noisy leaf blower and got rid of all those leaves. Guess my next step is to clean the gutters--all the leaves are off the trees and it looks very wintry.
A little cooler today and not as much sunshine.

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  1. You can always tell the folks that live in Montana year round...They are the ones with 20-30 cords of firewood near the back door :)Hope you both are well and you should hear Arizona screaming by now.......Jim


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