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Friday, October 31, 2008

Hauling Cows

It is a good think we are retired and flexible! Yesterday morning the phone rang about 8am and it was Lonnie, Mike's son. He wanted to know if we could haul a horse trailer load of calves to the stockyards in Billings in the afternoon. Of course, Michael said yes. I scurried around and got ready and headed into Big Timber to run some much needed errands. Michael hooked up the horse trailer and brought it down to the garage to make sure everything such as lights were in good working order.

After going to the bank, the auto parts store, the feed store, the hardware store and the library, I stopped in at the nursing home to visit our friends Beryl and Jim. Beryl's health is deteriorating rapidly and it makes my heart hurt to see her like this.

Michael arrived in town with his load of calves about 3pm and we headed to Billings. There were three other trailers in our group, too. That is one of the things I love about this community, the willingness of friends and neighbors to help. After we unloaded our trailers at the stockyards, we headed to the Outback to have dinner compliments of the ranch for which Lonnie works. One of the couples, Bobbie and Scott have a 2 year old, Lane, and he kept the party entertained.

After dinner we made a quick stop at Costco and then headed home.

Today we took a long walk and then Michael helped me put the new canvas "leader" on my quilt machine. He then began the icky task of cleaning out the horse trailer after hauling a load of calves around. I guess he was in a clean mode, too, because he washed both vehicles, too--they needed it! I went out and helped for a while.

A busy Friday!

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