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Friday, October 3, 2008

Costco Run

Well, the bailout bill passed and if you read any of the financial news you are lead to believe that not much help is going to trickle down to us average folks anytime soon. What made anyone think, me included, that the politicians were going to listen to us??

Michael had a load of pipe delivered from his supplier to his Dad's house this morning and knew if he beat the delivery guy there with our truck and trailer, the delivery guy would put the pipe in the trailer and Michael wouldn't have to reload it later--so he headed to Big Timber early this morning. Jazz and I followed at a more leisurely pace, stopping by Cinnabar Creek for a coffee. Jazz spent the day with Nat.

I got to visit JoAnn's fabric and one of my favorite quilt stores, Fiberworks and we had lunch at CJ's before heading to Costco where we did some major damage just buying groceries. We hadn't done one of these major grocery buying trips in a while. I am blessed to have tons of storage, two refrigerators and a freezer (that at the moment isn't working, the repairman, aka Michael is waiting for a rainy day).

I had picked up some cream puffs for a neighbor and I dropped those off and still beat Michael and Jazz home AND got the entire Explorer unloaded and the groceries put away. He took a lot of grief for that!!

Our beautiful fall weather keeps going and going--it was gorgeous today and warm.

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