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Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Nip in the Air

Yesterday it rained a little and became cooler, today there was a brisk wind blowing all day.

Saturday we decided to have a miniature mid-life crisis and drove over to White Sulphur Springs to look at a convertible. The car was a little mis-represented--it had a salvage title, had been totaled by an insurance company at one time and it was doubtful if the mileage on the odometer was correct.

We came back to Livingston and I went to the Piece by Peace Quilt Guild quilt show for a while. Beautiful quilts were displayed, there were some great vendors and I got lots of ideas for quilting quilts. Michael and Jazz took a walk while I browsed. Mike is so good about things like that!

In the evening, we met our friends Gwen and Arch for dinner at the Rib and Chop house and enjoyed a great meal. It was a long day, fun, but long and we were ready to call it a day.

As we were drinking coffee and reading the newspaper on the internet this morning, we heard an owl hooting. On our walk we saw about six buck mule deer and a couple of them had huge racks.

After our walk, I gave the Jazzy dog a haircut and I don't think she was impressed. She didn't spend much time outside today--it is almost winter, Mom, she seemed to say--why did you cut all my hair off??

Michael drained all our underground sprinkler lines and winterized the RV. After lunch he modified my fabric cutting table so the self healing cutting mat would fit it better. I practiced on the quilting machine and cut out the pieces for a quilt. Tomorrow morning, one of the blogs I read by Judy is starting a "Quilt for A Hour" project. It will be as if someone was watching over my shoulder--should be a good way to get a quilt pieced.

Some friends have asked me to post photos of my new toy, so here they are. Ignore the surroundings, it is a basement that needs work!

The table on which the quilts are rolled is 14 feet long and the machine has a quilting space called the throat that allows you to do a lot of quilting across the 14 feet before you have to roll the quilt. The fabric that you see is not a quilt, it is just an old sheet for practice.

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  1. I'm sure you know I have a Millennium and I do love that machine. You're going to have LOTS of fun with it, I'm sure!


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