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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Michael Struck Gold

When we dug out the mountain of dirt to place our garage into the hillside last summer, water was coming out of the ground in a couple of places. Michael put perforated pipe in those areas and piped the water under our driveway over to the pond. It never totally stopped the water and lately it has gotten worse, running down the driveway. There has been a very wet spot above the garage in the hayfield--this summer there was even standing water up there. On a hunch, Michael dug a trench up there today and hit water or gold as we say in this country when we find unexpected water!! So, he is developing this water spring and directing it into a tank for horse water. Maybe this will stop the water around the garage.

I taught myself how to do "feathers" on the quilting machine today--fun!! Hours go by while I am practicing and I look at my watch and can't believe it is time for lunch, etc.

The medication the physician is giving me for this problem I have--I knew it was expensive but today I sat down and figured out how expensive--$11 per pill!!!!!!!!! I have ordered some out of Canada and it is $5 per pill--now US drug companies, why is that??? Hopefully I won't be on it much more than a month, now.

Another beautiful fall day here, so happy we live in Montana.
Remember the other day about a week ago, we saw a bear at the end of our deck and I went outside to take photos? Well, I think my hands must have been shaking I was so excited or scared, after all, he was just across the creek from me and looking right at me--this photo is kind of cool.

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