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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chilly Weather

The wind blew all night I think, even blowing one of my potted plants off the deck rail and into the creek--oh, well, it is going to frost tonight so the summer plants are done for. We bundled up and took our morning walk and let me tell you, that cold wind made me think of going south!

Michael headed over to the West Boulder again and I hit the quilting studio. I purchased a APQS quilting machine and on the website for this company there is one of the best forums. I love to see the photos of quilts others have made and hear about all the trials and joys of quilting. It is also a great source for help when you need it. Many of the people on the forum have a small photo next to their name and each of their entries is signed with a pretty signature. I started trying to add both a photo and a signature early this morning and was not successful so I posted a call for help on the forum. A lady named Bonnie who posts often sent me a reply and I was still unable to get it to work. Well, mid-morning, the phone rang and it was Bonnie--she has marvelous tracking skills because no where on the forum do you find my phone number. She walked me through the steps and we were successful. But--the most amazing thing is her profile lists her home as upstate New York--she was born and raised in Montana in a very small town about 2 hours from here--Winnett!! What a coincidence and what a pleasure to talk to her!

I spent a large portion of my day doing those half square triangles again. I'm only supposed to sew for a hour each day for this little project but either I am extremely slow or Judy is extremely fast! But, I got them all done. I also attempted to put some "feather" quilting on my Aunt's quilt and I am thinking perhaps I was not ready for feathers, yet!

Mom, my cousin and his wife arrived home in Arkansas today. I bet there was a granddaughter and two great-granddaughters who were very excited to see Grandma.

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