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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snow, Snow and More Snow

It has not stopped snowing since Thursday evening. We currently have over 3 feet on the ground, yes 3 FEET! We started to be concerned about the amount of weight from the snow on our deck so I got out this morning and shoveled a large portion--now I am resting!

Yesterday we took a short walk in the morning, it is hard to walk in this much snow. I practiced my quilting the rest of the day and Michael built shelves. We had been invited to our friends Jill & Terry's for dinner, they live north of Big Timber about 25 miles from here. Our neighbors, Geoff and Nancy who purchased Jill and Terry's former house were also invited. After much weather discussion, we all decided to brave the roads and Michael was our designated driver. Took us a while but we made it and had a very enjoyable evening--Jill had made lamb stew and it was delicious. The snow plow had been up the Boulder road so it was a little less treacherous going home. Big Timber does not have near as much snow as we do, only about 6 inches.

We are invited to Nancy and Geoff's for dinner tonight and they only live a mile up the road from us, so we should have no problem getting there.

This trio just watched us yesterday morning as we walked.
Jazzy just couldn't stand it and had to go chase a deer. The snow was almost up to her shoulders when I took this photo, now it is over her head by a long shot!
These magnificent guys were guarding their herd this morning. The snow is belly deep on these mule deer.
We look a little snowbound, don't we??

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