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Thursday, October 16, 2008


It was an early morning for us--we left home about 7:30 headed for Billings. The doctors and I discussed and discussed this little 3 month problem I am having with hand and mouth ulcers and they decided to biopsy my finger again, OUCH! They also took me off the super expensive medicine since it certainly wasn't curing me--my pocketbook thanks them! Maybe this biopsy will tell them something!

After the doctor visit we started to enjoy the day--it is our 14th wedding anniversary. We had a nice lunch and did some shopping before heading back to Big Timber. We stopped to visit Michael's Dad and had a glass of wine with him.

On our way into town this morning, we were almost creamed by a golden eagle. He and a lot of other large birds were eating something beside the road, the eagle flew up just as we drove past and I could have sworn he was coming in the windshield! Probably took a few years off the eagle's life too!

The past few nights the moon has been so bright on all the snow we have on the ground that it seems as if it is daylight.

Today we received an e-mail with photos of hurricane related rain damage to the little Mexican town of Alamos where we spent 2 months last winter. Last Saturday night a sudden, severe rainstorm hit this little town, devastating it. All the bridges across the arroyos (washes, dry creek beds) that connect one part of the town to another are gone. Twenty people are confirmed dead and another ten are missing. The damage is just incredible. We have sent e-mails to people we know there and are anxious to hear from them.

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