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Monday, May 5, 2008

TV Watching and Motorcycle Riding

Ever thought of giving up TV? Ever wonder what you are paying for when you can't find anything to watch?
I grew up in rural Arkansas where we got 3 channels on the TV, sometimes snowy pictures, sometimes not. TV watching was not an activity that was high on the priority list of my family. Mom and Dad worked too hard and when we were at Grandma and Grandpa's house, Grandma thought electricity cost too much to let us watch much TV. I have always been a reader and would much rather read a book than watch TV so even after I married and left home, TV still wasn't something I enjoyed. My husbands (yes, plural, that is a story for another day) were channel surfers so we had cable in most of the places I lived. Michael grew up in very rural Montana and got no TV channels.
As an adult, Michael taught himself to install the huge satellite dishes prominent in many rural areas of the country and later began selling and installing the small Direct TV dishes for our local telephone co-op, supplementing his ranching income. He had always received free programing from the companies in return for being a representative. The small Direct TV dishes became so common and inexpensive that even Wal Mart began to sell them and Michael's business died off. We had been married about 5 years when we came home one evening to a message on our screen that our free programing had been cut off. We talked about it and decided to try it without.
Nine years later, we still have no TV service and haven't missed it for a minute. We read, talk, do puzzles, take walks and we do use the internet.
There is so much on TV that is offense, vulgar and just plain nonsense--why bother! You can surf through 100 channels and find nothing that interests you to watch. And right now with all the political ads, we can only be thankful we don't have TV! When we travel in the RV, we do watch TV and I am appalled sometimes at what I hear coming from the television at 7pm in the evening! Do parent's let their children watch that garbage???
It works for us!

A beautiful day in Montana, 78 degrees and sunny, so nice we took the Gold Wing out and went to town for ice cream!

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