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Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Full Rain Gauge

It started raining last Wednesday and has only stopped for very short periods of time since then. We have close to 4 inches of rain in our rain gauge, there are puddles everywhere and mud on top of mud.
We are building a garage into the hillside out in front of our house. Michael and our friend Ralph moved tons of dirt last summer out of the hillside to make room for the garage. The walls of the garage will be concrete as it is being built into a hillside. Michael decided to build his own concrete forms out of plywood and 2x4's and then use the same materials on the roof, something he has done many times. We had the forms all set and ready for the concrete truck last Thursday and had to cancel due to the rain. Friday morning Michael came into the house with the longest face--the hillside had collapsed sending a huge mudslide down into his forms, caving them in on one side. We had to take all his hard work apart and now we wait for the rain to stop so we can move the mud off the concrete floor slab and put the forms back up.
Rain in this part of the country is a very good thing and we don't dare complain about it when there are farmers or ranchers around!
Today is Michael's Dad, Nat's 86th birthday. We had a wonderful family party tonight with Michael's son and his family and Nat and his friend Margaret. I cooked a prime rib on the grill and got out the recipe book and made a 3 layer chocolate cake, a recipe I got from my friend Jeane when she and her family operated a dude ranch near us. It was a great evening. Tomorrow our granddaughter, Laci, graduates from high school.

A bird feeder full of our lazuli buntings. The poor little birds have been at our feeders non-stop the last few days while it has been raining.

The hummingbirds are hungry, too. They have just been sitting on the feeder at times, it is under the eave of the house, to stay out of the rain.

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  1. Janna, Jim says you are his hero -- grilling a prime rib and baking a chocolate cake! We're sorry about the cave in, glad no one was hurt!
    I love those birds, they are just beautiful!
    Take care,
    Ellie & Jim


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