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Monday, May 26, 2008

Graduation, More Rain and a Quiet Memorial Day

We are starting to grow moss around here! Four inches so far and it rained off and on most of today. Jazz seems as down in the dumps as I am, she hates to be wet so has spent a lot of time inside.
Yesterday our middle granddaughter, Laci graduated from high school. She is our very social, outgoing grandchild. Her father is very relieved to finally see her graduate--she is our blond and when she was small and her Dad was fussing at her for some infarction, she looked up at him and said, "I was just having a blond moment, Dad." There have been many "blond moments" during her high school career but Laci has persevered. She was homecoming queen her senior year and has developed so many loving friendships. She and her great-grandfather, Nat, also developed a wonderful relationship. Laci's parents manage a large ranch approximately 30 miles from the town where she attended school. Fourteen miles of that is on a gravel/rock/mud terrible road. As a result, she spent many nights of her high school time staying with her great-grandfather. It was great for both of them! She has made the decision to join the Air Force and will depart for boot camp June 2--we will miss her bunches!
Memorial Day was an uneventful day for Michael and I. We took a walk in the rain and the rest of the day was spent working on projects, a quilting project for me and cleaning up the shop for Michael.
Our little blond Laci at graduation yesterday--that smile lights up the world.

This photo is not great because I took it through the screen but this little guy kept appearing on top of this thermometer that is under the eave of the house where it was dry--he is no dummy!

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