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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Garage Building

Last fall we started a garage by pouring a concrete slab and then we left for the winter. Michael has started working on it again and Mom and I got out and helped him yesterday. He is building forms for the concrete walls and hopefully by July, we will have a garage and shop.
It was a beautiful day in Montana yesterday and again today. Warm and sunny, should have our leaves popping out any day now.
Last night we joined friends Jill and Terry for dinner at the Grand in Big Timber. We drove out to their house beforehand and had appetizers and wine. They are remodeling an old farmhouse and it is always fun to see the next step. Jill and Terry were our neighbors here on the East Boulder for many years and Michael and I were married in their home. They sold out about 2 years ago and moved closer to town. Terry builds beautiful homes and has been featured several times in Architectural Digest. Jill was a physical therapist but now sells real estate.
Today Michael worked on the garage and Mom and I proceeded to clean house, do laundry and get ready for our dinner party tonight. The people who bought our ranch which allowed us to retire are here for the weekend with their two sons. Tammy and Joe live full time in Colorado and vacation here. Plans are to eventually move here when the sons graduate high school.
Our neighbors down the hill, Shirley and George joined us and it was a wonderful evening.
Our birds are thriving, eating us out of house and home and the squirrel is getting more than his fair share.
I keep trying to get a photo of one of the lazuli bunting birds but they are just too flighty. I will catch one before summer is over.
Today was one of those days that make us realize why we live in Montana.

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