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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sunshine and Cement

We woke to sunshine after seven plus days of rain. It was wonderful, such a beautiful morning. The trees seemed so green, the birds were chattering and it just made for a great start to the day.
Today was the big day, our crew started arriving about 9:30, Michael’s son Lonn and his Dad, Nat. I guess some people would accuse us of elder abuse, asking an 86 year old man to help with a concrete pour but Nat still loves to get out and help. He says that having a project is what keeps him going. I hope our brains and bodies are still going that well when we approach 80!! The cement truck roared up the hill about 10:00 and the work began taking about 2 hours to pour the walls for one half the garage. Lonn and Nat were up on scaffolding with long poles to poke into the cement as Michael poured skid steer bucket loads down into the forms he built. Once the work was finished, we enjoyed hamburgers on the grill and the first watermelon of the season.
After lunch, it was still such a beautiful day that I decided to get out and weed whack and mow the grass. I even climbed up on the hill outside our house and cut Jazzy a path up to her viewing rock. There is a rock high on the hillside above our house that she will go up to and sit for hours just looking around. She doesn’t like tall grass, so being the good Mom that I am, I weed whack her a path every year. She is most certainly not a spoiled dog, is she??
We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing--Michael on the computer researching the stocks, I read for a while then worked on my bear quilt. Jazz spent the entire afternoon napping; after chasing Lonn's dogs around all morning she was a pooped puppy. Life is good.

Hard at work
I couldn't resist Mr. Squirrel this morning. I know that squirrels are little varmints and can be very unwelcome pests but he sure is a cute varmint!

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