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Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

This is the first day of May, May Day, and isn't it supposed to be sunny and warm?? Well, it is not here in Montana, overcast, cold wind and only about 40 degrees. UGH
Hooray, I finished unloading the RV today but of course the downstairs storage room and my sewing room look like bombs went off in them. So, the next step will be putting all the stuff away. I am anxious to get started on some quilting projects so maybe that will encourage me to get with it!
Michael did some clean up work today, hauling away old dead limbs and trees. He also cut us some much needed firewood. We have a wood-burning fireplace in our living area and we use it lots.
Nat, Michael's Dad came up today to pick up a post pounder--sounds like work to me. He is planning on building a shop next to his house and he is going to put up a temporary backyard fence for "his little black friend, Jazzy," while they are building the shop. Remember this man is 85 years old, soon to be 86, hope Mike has that much energy when he is 85!
First Goldfinch of the season arrived today
I can't resist taking pictures of Jazz, we are just so happy she is well and still with us
This very fat Robin has been hanging out on this window ledge and pecking at the window. I guess he is saying, "let me in, it's cold out here."
One goofy looking pooch

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  1. It is great to see Jazz healthy & happy...We are glad you made it home safe....Take Care..Ellie & Jim


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