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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gardening and Hairdo

Warning to all guys--today's blog is kind of girly! We started out the morning by taking a nice long walk, our first in several days due to the snow and the resulting mud. Jazz had a ball. When we returned from the walk, Michael fired up the mini-excavator and we began to plant trees and transplant tulips and irises that came from Nat's (Michael's Dad) place. It didn't take us long.
Michael worked on my Explorer for a while and when he went to town this afternoon, he thinks he may have it fixed--hurrah!
After lunch Mom and I headed to town. I had an appointment to get my hair repaired. Last week I had it cut by a new person and she convinced me to try coloring it myself, something I had been wanting to try since we travel so much. Well, we argued about the color she wanted to use and sure enough when I colored my hair, it turned out much, much too dark, black!! Today, she put a few highlights in and "lifted" my color and it looks much, much better. The things you can do with modern hair styling! I am much happier and glad it worked out because I would love to find someone in Big Timber to do my hair as Billings is too much diesel fuel away!
After the hair thing, we went and visited with old friends of ours, Beryl and Jim. They used to be our ranching neighbors until they became elderly enough that a move to town was in their best interests. They are both fighting illness and loss of mobility. It was good to see them and they were glad to see us.
I am posting this using the new Dell computer which came today. Talk about a learning curve! Windows Vista has more options and buttons than I know what to do with!
Sunshine today, it was a good day!

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