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Sunday, May 18, 2008


We have started reading a blog/website, The guy who writes, Trent, had an interesting post today about clotheslines. It is his contention that clotheslines are an item associated with poverty as are people who work on their cars in their backyards. He goes on to state that items such as clotheslines can be viewed by neighborhood visitors as items which will decrease the value of homes.

We usually enjoy his articles about being frugal and attempting to save money and get out of debt but this one was way off base. We both grew up with families that used clotheslines and we use a clothesline at our home. It does save money over using the dryer and I love the way the clothes smell. I don't dry everything outside, towels dried outside are just a little too scratchy.

When we stay in RV parks half the year while traveling, I get testy when the rules tell me "no outside drying of clothes" or "no clotheslines". I carry along a wooden, folding clothes rack and I like to use it to dry things like cotton t-shirts and jeans, things that have a tendency to shrink when dried in the dryer. I try to place the rack in an unobtrusive spot and I don't dry our underthings outside, either.

My family didn't have a lot of money when I was growing up but I don't ever remember feeling poor and the clotheslines certainly didn't make me feel poor--just an overworked teenager because I had to hang the clothes on the line!

I finally caught one of the Lazuli Bunting bluebirds on camera today, isn't he gorgeous!!!

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  1. I recently blogged about clotheslines, too!


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