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Sunday, May 4, 2008

An Easy Sunday

Jazz has always been a sleep through the night little dog--last night she decided she needed a drink of water and to go potty--just like a kid!! Needless to say, it was mighty hard to get back to sleep so when I did get up, I decided it was going to be a lazy Sunday.
We took a walk around the ranch we used to own that adjoins our little 38 acre homestead, it is about two and one half miles. It is uphill and downhill so we get a workout. This is one of the views we have as we walk:

I've been trying to educate myself on blogging, adding ads to blogs and other aspects. I learned a lot this afternoon but I think I will probably have to get a whole lot more traffic to make it worthwhile, right now it is just fun.

Michael took off after lunch and went over to the ranch his son manages to install a well pump. He came back very disgruntled--guess he is out of practice!! He was pulling a 5th wheel trailer loaded with a piece of equipment and left the tailgate of MY truck closed when he pulled away from the trailer. The tailgate doesn't work very well, but will it matter in a year??

I got a little bit of ambition this afternoon and unpacked the remaining boxes from the RV that were full of my quilting and sewing supplies. It felt good to finally say, "the RV is unpacked."

Happy Sunday!

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