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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Quilting, Fabric and SNOW

What’s the rhyme, April showers bring May showers. Well, May is bringing us SNOW! It has rained most of the day and this afternoon the temperature dropped enough that it changed to snow. It is melting about as fast as it falls as it was 85 degrees yesterday, how’s that for weather extreme?? But, in this part of the country, at this time of year, we are thankful for any moisture that comes our way.

Yesterday, we headed off for Billings, a 105 mile one way trip for doctor and dentist appointments. We also had our usual full page list of errands such as Costco, Lowes, etc. We left early and arrived home late, pooped. While doing our errands, we drove by the gas station where we usually fill the vehicle. Gas was $3.60/gallon. We decided to wait until the end of the day to get gas and when we went back on the way out of town, it was $3.65!!! Where will it end??? I guess you should strike while the iron is hot???

I started a quilt today, a Lone Star Quilt from the book Easy and Elegant Long Star Quilts by Shirley Stutz. It is supposed to be an easy quilt but I seem to have made it hard. About two hours into the process, I discovered I did not have enough of the primary fabric, every quilter’s nightmare. Fabric is seasonal like clothing and a store may or may not still have the fabric six months later. And to make it worse, I bought the original fabric in a small quilt store in Drummond, MT, over 200 miles from home last fall. I called our local quilt store owner, Lily (who is getting married soon) and she turned me on to This website has a search engine in which you can enter words describing your fabric and presto, there it is. A quilt store in Indiana is shipping my fabric to me.

Blogger was not working well tonight, kicked me off once after I tried to publish, losing all my work and it will not load photos tonight, so photos tomorrow.

Life is good in spite of Blogger and snow!

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  1. Please don't send that snow down here, although today it's sure windy enough that it could arrive. I'm glad you found your quilt fabric! I'm sure you will post pictures of the quilt!

    Take care,


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