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Saturday, April 2, 2016

This And That

Minds are churning, plans are being made for traveling north, meetings are being held—the natives are restless!!  Jane and Rich rolled out mid-morning Thursday—lots of tears and hugs.  Soon it will be time for us to head north—we have a new great-grandchild due to arrive in early May—and we want to make a Utah ATV stop before going all the way to Montana.

Friday was spent doing a little of this and that—some home owners association work which has caused a bit of GB frenzy around here!  In the last year the North Ranch HOA data management has all gone to the Cloud—we use Google Drive and Google Docs plus a web based home owners association cloud storage site.  Every time I hit the power button on that little Chromebook it sucks half a GB of data—ouch!!  With our Verizon plan we have 18 GBs and between the two of us we use at least 15-16 of those GBs each month.  Needless to say, GB usage/payment is on the agenda for the board meeting on Monday!

Yarnell, AZ has a couple restaurants and one we like to frequent as a group is the Yarnell Family Diner.  They seat the 10-12 of us in a back room where we can visit without bothering anyone and the food is what I call home cooking style—my fish and sweet potato fries were perfectly cooked last night—and the place was packed!! 

Today we met the Island Girl clan—they rolled into the North Ranch campground last night and are having some work done on their RV while here.  We spent time this afternoon talking to them as if we had known each other for years.  Unfortunately we had happy hour/dinner plans and they are leaving tomorrow.  Hector takes absolutely fabulous photos—check out their trip to Whitewater Draw in southern AZ—his sandhill crane photos are amazing!!!


Life is good!


  1. It's fun to make plans... I've heard that planning ahead is over half the effort of getting there.... but it's nice to have options. Sounds like you have it all! Love your sunsets (or sunrise?)!

  2. Leaving is always bitter sweet, but knowing you can return helps:) How nice that you met Hector and Brenda...wonderful people:) Did Emmi get to meet Angel? Hector and Brenda will be spending a week here in Moab this month.

  3. Wondered when your wheels were going to get rolling north - figured it had to be pretty soon! Everybody else is in Moab this month, you might as well join them :-) Hector's photos are definitely wonderful, how fun to meet he and Brenda. Lovely skies :-)))


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