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Friday, April 15, 2016

We Took A Hike

Can you believe it John and Pam???   Geri, Larry, Mike and I accompanied Tom and Sandy on a petroglyph finding hunt today after being sworn to secrecy—if we leak the location, Tom will have to kill us! SmileIt was probably about a 2 mile hike and uphill one direction—the going was tough at times, scrambling over boulders, dodging cactus and mesquite—some of us were better at dodging cactus than others!Smile And as the cowboy and I ran into a huge rattlesnake yesterday morning while out for our walk—I was just a touch leery! 

The sun plus the dust in the air from all the wind we are having made photo taking a challenge--




Not only did we find petroglyphs but also metates.  And lots of blooming cactus.




Back in Congress we enjoyed great burgers at Nichols West before arriving back at North Ranch to resume the business of getting ready to depart.  This wind is incredible—gale force!!  Makes holding a basket of stuff plus the motorhome door a tricky proposition!!! 


  1. "if we leak the location, Tom will have to kill us!" This statement cracks me up. If you have located it, others have been there or will be. Jim and I found petroglyphs in the most unlikely places when we rode our atv and hiked. I'm still trying to get him to recall "camel" rock and the petroglyphs we found in "Somewhere Canyon." :-) It's all about the journey--right?

  2. Wahoo!! Boots on the ground instead of wheels:) Looks like a neat hike that we would have time we are in the area!!

  3. We're always more inspired to hike when the rewards at the end are so great. Wonderful glyphs!! Looks like a fun time with friends. The winds are awful up here in NV as well - hopefully it moves on before you're on the road.


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