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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

John’s Canyon

It’s a very quiet boondocking spot—no traffic, no paper delivery vehicle between 3-4am, no wind chimes on the neighbor’s porch—very quiet!!  It was a nippy morning—38 degrees—but we were in the machines and heading up John’s Canyon road by about 9:30.  Breathtaking scenery, sites we’ve not seen before—John’s Canyon is a steep walled, deep canyon with a flowing creek which dumps into the San Juan River. 


IMG_4739Lots of petroglyphs—you had to keep your eyes peeled!



At the end of the trail—25 miles from our rigs and even more miles from anything else, Larry was out in front when up over the hill pops a bicycle rider on a solid frame bike he built himself with huge, fat tires.  You never know what you will run into out in the middle of nowhere!


Back at camp Cathy had cooked a big pot of chicken noodle soup and I contributed homemade cornbread which we once again enjoyed in Larry and Geri’s toyhauler trailer—they have the most room!

The rigs were loaded Monday night and Tuesday morning the cowboy and I led the way to our new boondocking spot just outside Bluff, Utah.  Once the gang all arrived we were off on another adventure—to show River House Ruins to Tom, Sandy, Mike and Cathy—next blog!




  1. another blog post with spectacular scenery!! thanks for sharing your day!!

  2. LOVE your ventures! Life goes around once-enjoy!!

  3. I was looking at doing some hiking in John's Canyon during our stay in Bluff but we ran out of time. Enjoy the River House Ruin. The San Juan Road was a real mess from all the rains. It's the worst we've ever seen it. But your four wheelers will make it look easy:)

  4. Beautiful views and lots of fun. Great glyphs!! I bet Emmi is really loving have all three of you together for these adventures :-)

  5. I remember traveling through that reddish orange rock in southern Utah as a child. Such beautiful scenery!


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