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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Poison Spider Mesa

Challenging, scary, awe inspiring, gorgeous—did I say scary??—ride on Wednesday!!  After being on the trail a mere five minutes I totally understood why Geri and Larry never took Michael and me up there when we were still riding 4-wheelers.  Way too difficult a trail for 4-wheelers yet Geri has the skill to make it look easy! 

The views were just spectacular—rock formations, vivid colors, wildflowers, occasional blue skies and white capped mountains.  Unfortunately my photos are disappointing—usually I am able to snap on the fly as we are bouncing along—maybe it was just a tad too bouncy, maybe the sun washed out the colors—I don’t know but when I saw the photos in Picasa last ngiht I was disappointed.


Twenty-three miles and six and a half hours of breathtaking scenery.  This trail is way more crowded than any other Moab area trail we have used—we passed/they passed with two groups all day—one a family on ATVs, the other a group of jeeps.  We stopped to view this arch which looks down on the highway and the Colorado River reaching it via a short but very steep hike—the muddy streak next to the green way down below is the river.  The family of ATVers came up the hill while we were having our lunch near the arch and were going to just drive on by—we flagged them down and told the lead ATV driver about the arch.  They were thrilled—a couple of the younger people even hiked out onto the arch. 

IMG_5132Our fearless leader Geri is always prepared—she researches these trails and notes the highlights plus she and Larry have ridden so many of the Moab trails—we are fortunate. 

IMG_5111IMG_5121We had rain again on Tuesday filling all the rock depressions and low areas.


IMG_5158Golden Spike—on top of a rock with an incredibly steep/scary/breathtaking climb because it was so steep!!IMG_5159This photo doesn’t show well but the gang is standing several feet back from a significant drop down into a creek bed—we had those all day—significant drops! 


We finished the day by having a wonderful meal at the Atomic Lounge—thanks Mike and Cathy!!  We enjoyed lunch there with Larry and Geri on Tuesday while we were out scouting staging locations for future rides—the food is outstanding!!

Here is a short video of a couple of the more challenging spots on the trail:

I am typing this blog from Baggs, Wyoming just across the Colorado border—we are boondocking in an abandoned port of entry station—with a few truckers!  We have a new name for Larry—“he who moves when it rains”—Larry was ready to go back to North Ranch and started an epidemic this morning—we pulled out of Moab about 11am.  It rained a lot during the night and was to have rained more today.  Of course, it’s going to snow in Wyoming and Montana but that grand-baby is calling!


  1. Photos may be disappointing to you, but are still fantastic. We love that country. Makes me wish I had room for a RZR in the Casita.

  2. It isn't easy photographing those spectacular colors and all the magnificent contrast. If I hadn't been there, I wouldn't know the photos aren't perfect. They still look gorgeous, unless of course you have been in slickrock country and know how crazy wild all the red and blue can be. Travel safe home.

  3. The calls of grandbabies are pretty strong!
    You're seeing sights that most tourists never see and I'm most thankful for your pictures.

  4. It is amazing how awesome the views are from above. We have been getting high above by with our boots:) Loved the video! I am amazed at what the Razor type 4x4 can do.

  5. Are you editing your photos with PICASA? You can do a lot of improvement with it.I have taken one of your pics and worked on it. I could email it to you if you provide an email address or facebook name.

    1. Yes, Peter, I use Picasa to edit my photos--thanks for the offer.

    2. If you click on "View My Complete Profile" above, you will find our email address.

  6. Those are places we NEVER saw when we were at Moab... okay, we were on bicycles... but I'd never had the nerve to go on those trails no matter what! Your photos are breathtaking!

  7. Glad you braved the trails so we could enjoy the beautiful views! I'm amazed at how much access there is for ATVs and Jeeps in that area. That little storm is sure making itself known. Safe travels as you get closer to that little cutie!!


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