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Saturday, April 30, 2016

And We Are Home In Montana

Larry appeared at our door Thursday morning—right before we all left North Ranch, Larry and Geri had purchased another home, just up the street from us.  They were anxious to get back to North Ranch and start working on that house.  And, it was raining again in Moab.  So, with that said, Larry and Geri were ready to head back to North Ranch and they started an epidemic!!  The cowboy and I decided to head north. 

Baggs, WY the first night—we boondocked in an abandoned port of entry station—then all the way home to “up the Boulder” on Friday night after stopping in Billings to get some kisses and snuggles from Brooks Michael!


DSCN2479Parents and baby are doing well—sleep deprived of course—but doing well!  Brooks has gained weight and is doing great for being almost three weeks premature! 

I didn’t get the local telephone company called soon enough to have that wonderful unlimited DSL running by the time we arrived—it will be Monday but we can use the mi-fi device when we go to town.  Having no internet will force us to unload and store the motorhome, clean the house, do some yard work—the grass is green, a few trees have leaves, a lot don’t have leaves—the to do list goes on and on this time of year!

We left Mike and Cathy all alone in our boondocking location but they sent text messages detailing the fun they’ve been having—they rode a very popular trail called Fins and Things which had been on our agenda before Larry decided to jump ship! SmileThey also told us our boondocking location was a mite crowded again—ten rigs arrived after we left!!!  Here’s one last Moab photo taken during the rain storm Thursday morning—the sun was trying to break through the clouds creating the hazy appearance.



  1. I have so enjoyed reading about your activities this winter in AZ and your trip home through UT. That new baby is beautiful and the pictures of you holding him are blessed with so much love. Have a great summer. We must get together sometime.

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  3. There is nothing like a new baby to bring smiles to anyone. Nice!

    The Montana routine will soon return.

  4. That Brooks is sure a cute little bugger.

  5. What a sweetie! Glad you made it home safe... (after those Moab trails I was beginning to wonder).... Hope your summer is as great as your time in AZ seemed to be!

  6. To get another perspective on Moab, you may want to read the last blog by Spotted Dog Ranch. Interesting. You look great as a "Nana." He's adorable.

  7. Brooks is so cute. Great welcome back to Montana.

  8. Brooks is so cute. Great welcome back to Montana.

  9. Enjoy your time at home and dream of going back to Arizona. Great Life! I agree with all, cute baby! If all goes well we'll have one too In July.

  10. Glad you finally got your hands on Brooks:)

    Moab is a little crazy this weekend. It is Car Show Weekend and there are hundreds of cars here and millions of people! Luckily, Saturday is the big day and it turned out to be very nice but a little windy. Rain expected again tomorrow!

  11. Well, that was quick! What a cutie Brooks is - and looking like a big boy for being a preemie (he thinks he's right on time!). Lovely to have green grass at home, until you have to mow it I guess. We might get more rain in Page today, then hopefully sun tomorrow!


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