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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Not Ready For Them To Go

It seems as if Jane and Rich arrived only yesterday yet they have been here about two and a half weeks.  Jane and I have both been a tad weepy today—it’s been so many years since we spent any extended time together—we’ve truly enjoyed their company!  They head toward Salt Lake City tomorrow—Rich has appointments at the VA on April 1. 

Yesterday was a yoga day but most importantly it was Jane’s birthday!  We spent the afternoon checking out some North Ranch properties for Jane and Rich then celebrated the birthday.  A delicious dinner with homemade chocolate birthday cake!! YUM!!

After lunch today Michael took Rich out in the CanAm to see one of the crested saguaros near us—he thoroughly enjoyed his first side by side ATV ride! 

PART951459387054840952016033095131319and Emmi got to go too!  Speaking of Emmi—she doesn’t play with other dogs and is in fact quite standoffish to say the least!  But she loves Lacy—Jane and Rich’s little rescue pooch—the two of them rip and romp across the desert until they are exhausted!

Here are a couple more photos from our forested ride on Monday:



  1. Happy Birthday, Jane - it was good to meet you! Safe travels and all the best to you and Rich.

  2. Always hard to say good-bye again when it feels like you've just almost caught up! How fun if they can find a property they like nearby (next time). Nice you got to share her birthday :-) Gorgeous trail.

  3. More beautiful photos of the wild! I know what you mean about those sad farewells....


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