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Monday, April 11, 2016

Last Potluck and Cactus

Sunday night Geri and Larry invited the ATV crew to a potluck—clean out your refrigerator kind of potluck as all of us are departing soon.  The weather didn’t cooperate for a Biltmore tent party—chilly and raining of all things!—so we moved the party to our house.  The food was delicious and we enjoyed movie night too—Geri has done a fabulous job making movies of our ATV rides from this winter season.

Today the cowboy decided it was time to move the motorhome and attach the big trailer—all without incident which is always a good thing!  We didn’t clip the corner of the garage or take out the neighbor’s landscaping tiles nor did we run over anyone in the street—success!!

After our walk I made a Wickenburg run for a few groceries and other last minute items.  A run to the Congress post office netted us our tax return and we completed paperwork to forward the mail—all boring stuff today but necessary I guess. 

The North Ranch cactus are in full bloom—all the Easter cactus bloomed right on time at Easter but now are blooming spectacularly! 


DSCN2355DSCN2357A bottle brush tree.DSCN2359

DSCN2363Mom, you should have come to visit! Smile


  1. I love those bottle brush. We won't be heading north until the end of May so hopefully Montana's weather will cooperate by then.

  2. What beautiful cactus flowers! Do they have a pleasant aroma?

  3. I had a problem with mail forwarding one year so I always do it online because I then have a receipt.

  4. Easter cactus! I have been wondering what they were at North Ranch as I've never seen the blooms anywhere but on the blog posts from there. They are absolutely gorgeous. Good to get all the necessaries out of the way for a smooth departure - and without incident is good!

  5. You sure have some mighty fine cactus photos there. If your like us you will be anxious to get on the road now that you have made the decision to head on home.


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