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Saturday, April 9, 2016

It’s That Time Of Year

Time to start packing that is—we will be leaving North Ranch soon and have started packing the motorhome.  Do you suppose one of these days we will only travel between Montana and Arizona in just a vehicle??  As much as we both dislike hotels, I can’t see that happening any time soon!

Thursday night we had the pleasure of dining at Jim and Ellie’s with Larry, Geri, Mike and Pat.  The food was delicious and the company wonderful!

Michael, Emmi and I take a desert walk every morning usually wracking up about 3 miles.  Our neighbor Jim flagged us down this morning and said, “have you noticed the bee swarm?”  Well, no we hadn’t—right behind our house on the BLM land.


Cactus are blooming everywhere and while in Scottsdale the other day, we noticed saguaro blooming—something we had never seen before.

DSCN2345The ocotillo are just gorgeous this year—especially the ones which receive a little extra watering. 

Well, I best get back to making lists and checking them twice—I’ve heard candles melt in AZ houses in summer months—now where did I put those candles??? 


  1. Lucky you to see the saguaro bloom:) Love that photo of the saguaro and the ocotillo:)

  2. If you were around when that swarm took off you'd have heard them go... sounds like an airplane overhead! Your cactus photos are beautiful... that's a gorgeous ocotillo!

  3. Quite the swarm!! Fascinating to see at a distance :-) Hoping we get some spring blooms when we get down to Laughlin in two weeks - although it's already hot there :-( I still don't know how you get all the toys back and forth so I can't imagine it ever being just one vehicle!


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