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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Picnic In The Desert

Where do our days go??  Well--sometimes we ATV out into the desert for a picnic which we did Saturday evening.  Joe and Kathy were the ring leaders for this outing and did a fabulous job!  The crowd was large, the conversation lively and the food delicious as usual!

I had to endure lots of Arkansas jokes as some of the crowd called Missouri home and couldn't resist ribbing this girl from Arkansas!

One of the reasons we pick this desert spot is this guy/girl--and sometimes there are two of them.  They come out of the cliffs above about dusk every night--

His/her legs look so stubby!!
Sunday was a chore day as I will be absent from North Ranch for a few days--had to get the cowboy and Emmi all lined out!  We did join Larry and Geri at the clubhouse for the Sunday afternoon ice cream social.  
It is warming up at North Ranch again, high temps up close to 90 but in our house and in the shade it is extremely pleasant--we will enjoy it while we can.  It won't be warm in Montana when we get home and I bet we even see a little of that white stuff too!


  1. Fantastic! Do they call while you're there?

  2. Now that's a picnic! Lovely that mr/ms owl still comes out to see so many people - what a treat. We're staying north as those temps keep rising. Hoping to be in MT this summer for a bit as well. Long after the white stuff has moved on of course.


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