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Monday, April 18, 2016

On The Road Again, On The Road Again

After a last minute pizza party, more packing and Old Faithful erupting in the laundry room, we spent our last night at North Ranch in the motorhome.  Tires were rolling just before 6am Sunday morning and we landed at Gooseneck State Park near Bluff, Utah.  We are boondocking just up the road from the actual park—seems a couple of us (Larry and Michael) are a little nervous about that 2000 foot cliff edge!!  Once we left Kayenta, AZ the red rocks began to appear and of course there is always the Mexican Hat—there were hikers just under the hat—I think Geri caught a photo of the brave souls! 



DSCN2428360 degree views!!  It’s a gorgeous spot!!

The gang is all here, we followed Larry and Geri or they followed us with the rest of the bunch arriving soon after—Tom and Sandy plus Mike and Cathy with Jasmine. 

Geri had made a large pot of chili and we all crowded into their toyhauler for dinner as it’s a mite chilly here—38 degrees this morning!  Larry and Geri surprised the little Emmi girl with a “traveling toy”—they love that pooch!


Life is good—we are off on an adventure today—if it warms up!!


  1. Probably a smart idea to park away from the edge. I don't think we have ever been there when it was calm. Even on calm days it is so blustery up there. Have fun!!

  2. Happy travels. Stay out of any snow.

  3. Happy travels. Stay out of any snow.

  4. We really enjoyed the Bluff area. A lot to see.

  5. You really covered some ground already, glad you're all safely arrived. And not near the edge!!

  6. looks like a great spot!! enjoy the views!

  7. Have always liked the scenery up that way between Kayenta & Moab.


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