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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Arch Canyon

One of our all time favorite rides—we’ve done this ride once before but it was just as beautiful today as a year ago.  Eileen and Mike joined us again—6 rigs and 10 people.  Arch Canyon trail leads to a beautiful arch but the fun is in trying to spot the many ruins high above the trail.  One of the ruins—we call it “shelf ruin” as it’s the only ruin we’ve seen with shelves built into the walls.  There are also finger tip prints in the mud of the walls.  This ruin is one of two which are accessible for exploring—the rest of the Arch Canyon ruins we’ve discovered are way higher in the canyon walls than we want to climb!


IMG_4896Peep holes in the walls.


Lots of creek crossings, huge pine, cedar and cottonwood trees add to the beauty.



We took our time, arriving at the arch just after noon—just in time for lunch with a view!


Right before lunch, Larry stopped in front of us to use his binoculars—he had spotted a huge bird on top of a pinnacle rock formation.  As he looked through the binoculars he said, “that’s not a bird, that’s a man!!” 

IMG_4952IMG_4943I would say that guy got his exercise for the day and Larry had good eyesight!

We meandered back to the rigs and enjoyed happy hour sitting in the shade—our temps have warmed significantly! 



  1. This was in our plans but we ran out of time and good weather. Luckily, there will be next year:) Great photos!! Crazy man on top!

  2. Wonderful pics, the colors are beautiful! Love all the ruins. Must be an elevator on the other side of that rock!


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