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Friday, April 22, 2016

Ruins And Ruins

Early Tuesday morning we were on the move—closer to Bluff, Utah and River House Ruins.  Once we were all set up in our boondocking site at a set of old corrals in the bottom of Combs Wash we unloaded rigs and rode to River House Ruins—Larry and Geri have made several trips to this set of ruins in surprisingly good shape and this was our second trip there.  The ruins are set high in a cliff but it is possible to scramble up getting a better look at both the ruins and the surrounding countryside. 



Near River House Ruins is another treasure—Butler Wash petroglyph panels—towering rock walls covered with ancient petroglyphs--


IMG_4852and it is indeed a special place, I swear you can hear the chatter of the Native Americans who lived here so long ago.

Before reaching River House Ruins we stopped for a hike—at San Juan Hill where Morman pioneers found a way to cross Combs Ridge in the laste 1800’s.  It’s very hard to imagine the struggle these early settlers had crossing this rocky/steep ridge with loaded wagons, horses and oxen—and the women in long skirts!! 





IMG_4821Wednesday morning we were on the move again—this is just one of those kind of trips—not the most fun having to move every day but some of the gang are on their way north and we want them to see as much as possible.  We landed in Combs Wash again—but a little more north—a place we’ve camped before.   Our party makes up four rigs and we were a little worried about space—the largest spot was taken by a small motorhome/trailer and we were forced to join them, something we don’t like to do.  There’s an unwritten boondocking rule—don’t crowd—right Ellie???  They are a delightful couple, Mike and Eileen from Salt Lake City—we asked them to join us on our rides in this area and they readily agreed.

Wednesday afternoon was a short ride then a wonderful dinner of beef stew prepared by Sandy.  There are some ruins less than a mile from our campsite—again in surprisingly good shape.


OK—I think I am caught up to Thursday—I will post this blog when I can, no internet down here in the bottom of Combs Wash!


  1. another great day! thanks for sharing all the photos!

  2. Beautiful! I've no doubt you can hear those ancient voices...

  3. Such a beautiful area with so much amazing history to enjoy. The tracks of the wagons always amaze me (when I see pics, we've yet to see them). Moving with friends makes it not so bad.

  4. One of our favorite areas:) I just finished reading Sandstone Spire by David Roberts. It is the story of three men who hiked the whole Comb Ridge in 2004, the first to do so. It was excellent! One of the fellows, Vaughn, owns Far Out Expeditions in Bluff, and the photographer, Greg lives near by. All three are in their 50's and 60's. I learned so much about the area, the ruins, and the people of the time. Definitely a great read for someone who spends time in the area. Too bad I read it after our stay in Bluff! But I know we will be back next year:)

  5. How many ruins have we seen? Mesa Verde, Natural Bridges, Gila Cliff Dwellings, Bandelier Nat'l Monument.....I don't remember all. But all of them were beautiful.


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