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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Water Problems

Not at our house but at the house we sold to Joe and Tammy several years ago.  Their pump is kaput—Tammy arrived yesterday from their home in Colorado and today she retrieved Joe from the Bozeman airport—they also purchased a new pump while in Bozeman and Michael has installed it.  There are a couple more little issues and we will buy those parts tomorrow when we go to Billings.  Joe and Tammy are like me—very thankful to have the handy cowboy!! 

I spent the day mowing and weed whacking—hot and dirty work!  The riding lawnmower creates a dust storm which then blows all over me.  The weed whacking throws pieces of grass onto my glasses and into my hair, not to mention the bottom of my pants and shoes.  That shower I took late this afternoon was heavenly!

More photos from our ATV trip last week.



We had a sad phone call today—Ellie and Jim had to have their schnauzer Mr. BoJangles put to sleep.  He was fifteen years old and had lived a great life.  I remember when we introduced him to that wild haired little ball of mischief Emmi—BoBo was appalled!  BoBo had a particular spot on the couch in Jim and Ellie’s motorhome and if you sat in his spot he would stand on the floor and give you the evil stare until you moved.  He was a special pooch and will be missed!


  1. Sorry to hear about Bo Jangles, it is always sad to lose a friend like him.

    Once the rain stopped today I managed to get our grass cut also, although I had to overhaul my aged John Deere get 'er done. There is a great deal of satisfaction that comes from keeping that old girl running, although I from time to time wish your "handy cowboy" lived a little closer.

  2. Thanks, Janna. It is going to take some time to adjust here. I smiled at the memory of him staring up at anyone sitting on "his" spot on the couch!

  3. I don't miss the hours on the riding mower and the itch of grass and dirt all over - but at the time those were satisfying days spent on the ranch :-) Great pic of Michael overlooking the water. Sad to hear of Bojangles passing, it's always so hard to love our furbuddies.

  4. So sorry to hear about Bojangles. It really is hard even when it's the right thing. You guys have any smoke from forest fires? I can't believe how hot your weather has been.


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