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Friday, July 17, 2015

Still In The Big City

It’s been a couple non-stop days making the rounds in the hospital—between the four of us we’ve been in the hospital from about 6am until midnight trying to catch all shifts of nursing.   Kurt and I are taking the late shift tonight but I bet we won’t be too late and tomorrow I take a flight back to Montana, the cowboy and Emmi—I can’t wait!

Last night we enjoyed a fabulous meal at a restaurant reputed to have frequently hosted Al Capone.  The food was delicious—just way, way too much of it.  I’ve always wondered why restaurants serve portions so large a family of four could eat one entrée and be stuffed!  Unlike when we are traveling in the motorhome or are at home—in a hotel I have no where to bring leftovers—and my risotto with scallops was so incredibly good!


And a special birthday wish to our great niece Elizabeth—she became a teenager today!  Happy Birthday Elizabeth!


  1. Lovely pink flower! Sure glad you don't have to maintain that crazy schedule for long - thanks for checking in!! I've been bringing home half a sandwich or salad from lunch most days - I'd gladly pay less for a smaller serving option :-)))

  2. U.S. restaurants are known to overload customers plates with food. It's the "bang for the buck" thing that Americans are loving. Once you are in Canada it's all different. Portion sizes are normal or even small.

  3. Such a cheerful picture... happy dog bouncing through the field of flowers. I love it!

  4. If you ask, some restaurants will give you a half serving.


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