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Sunday, July 19, 2015

One Happy Little Dog

Emmi meets me when she hears my car coming up the driveway—she is good about staying out of the way of vehicles except when she knows it is me—then she insists on my stopping the car and letting her jump in to give me loving.  It’s so funny how excited one little dog can be! 

The plane ride from Chicago to Bozeman was again uneventful—I watched another movie on the United in-flight wifi—Eat, Pray, Love—with Julia Roberts.  A quick stop at the grocery store in Livingston and I was home—and it sure feels good!

Today was spent getting the truck camper ready for a little road trip/ATV ride we are taking this coming week.  And chasing a pack rat---UGH!!!  On one of the trips I made out to the camper I noticed Emmi was frantically running around my car—she would stand up on the front bumper or on the tire—then she would go underneath the car.  Michael came to investigate, raising the hood—and there the nasty thing was twitching his nose at us!!!  We have two big pack rat traps and two big sticky traps under the hood of the car—hopefully tonight there will be one less pack rat around here!

My dear Mom is one of six children—all daughters.  She lost another of her sisters yesterday, my Aunt Mary to pancreatic cancer—rest in peace Aunt Mary, your suffering is over.

I took this photo out the window of my hotel room Friday evening—as I was taking photos I would see planes fly in front of and behind the Sears Tower—and although the photo shows thunderclouds building--to me it was a scary sight reminding me of Sept. 11. 

Early this morning I noticed a post on Facebook asking Jim Meachum if his home in Arizona was “OK.”  Knowing Jim is an early bird like me I quickly sent him a “what’s going on” message.  Well, Wickenburg, AZ received four inches of rain yesterday and there is massive flooding.  Fred and Nancy posted a video to Facebook—dang scary!  I can’t get that video to upload to YouTube for posting here but this is a link to a local Wickenburg news station with multiple videos of the flooding. 

I did find this video on YouTube just by searching—what an incredible mess!!


  1. How nice to have Emmi so excited to see you:) I'm sure Michael was out running around the car, as that would be a sight!

    Sorry to hear about your Aunt.

    Sure hope you got the pack rat...yuck!

    Poor Wickenberg. That's a lot of water!

  2. We saw the TV NEWS story about the rainfall and flooding in Wickenburg. Awful!

    We bet you are thrilled to be back home and we hope you catch that pack rat ASAP.

    Enjoy the camp out and quading. Sure sounds like fun.

  3. Wow. The flooding...We went from long-time drought this morning to almost an inch of rain in 30 minutes! I can empathize with Wickenburg!


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