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Sunday, July 5, 2015

What A Difference

Right before we left the house last night heading out to spend the July 4 evening with friends the temperature was 93 degrees with 18% humidity.  Today we have this:

DSCN1188Fifty-four degrees and 73% humidity!  What a welcome difference!

We’ve had a quiet holiday weekend at home except for dinner last night with friends (and we weren’t rowdy there, either!)Smile  Nat came for lunch yesterday and we feasted on pork tenderloin, garlic mashed potatoes, Caesar salad and various melons.  Dessert was homemade oatmeal/chocolate chip/pecan cookies. 

Michael has been working on a little construction project for me—a gazebo across the creek from the house.  Our deck is in full sun all day and into the evening except for a brief period of time in the early morning—in this heat, it’s HOT out there and impossible to dine or enjoy sitting by the creek.  So, the cowboy is building a gazebo across the creek in the aspen grove—hopefully that will provide us with a spot to relax in the shade by the creek.

I’ve been quilting and sewing.  Sharon from the Odd Essay asked me some sewing related questions in a comment on the skirt making blog I wrote.  Yes, Sharon, Butterick and McCall’s still make patterns.  And clothing sizes as well as pattern sizing are ridiculous!  I weigh 25 pounds more than I did when making my own clothing.  At that time before I married the cowboy, I wore a size 8 or size 10.  Today, 25 pounds heavier, I wear a size 6!  I think the clothing manufacturers are messing with our minds!  Pattern sizing is even more ridiculous.  Remember the skirt—I made it by my hip measurement and it was probably at least two sizes too big.  Today I made another skirt and dropped down a whole size—too big again!!!  No wonder I quit making my own clothes!!


DSCN1182-001DSCN1184This guy didn’t seem to want to fly this morning—we did see him fly but he would land again quickly and let us get incredibly close—strange!

Hope you’ve all had an enjoyable July 4 weekend!


  1. The gazebo sounds wonderful. As for the hawk, I wonder if it didn't have a prey item in the grass that it didn't want to get too far from?

  2. After looking closer, that seems to be a female northern harrier. They nest on the ground. Maybe she had young near by.

  3. So it will no longer be a "bridge to nowhere". It cooled off a lot here today also, but it is heading back up tomorrow if the weather app is right.

  4. Thanks for the pattern information... so... I'm not the only one who thinks clothes sizes are ridiculous... I don't sew anymore but even trying to buy something that fits isn't easy. Your skirt is lovely... you did a great job!

  5. We had a storm roll through and the temperature dropped to 79. Didn't last very long but it was wonderful while it did. The gazebo will be wonderful if the mosquitoes don't show up.

  6. You and Michael are certainly handy - always making something from scratch. Makes your home such a personal reflection of who you are :-) Love the gazebo in the shade idea. Hope your cooling and drying trend continues - that yucky weather is so exhausting. Sizing is so crazy, depending on where the garment is made, and how old the "pattern" is. Makes ordering online such an adventure!

  7. I used to make my clothes, years ago but now shop the sales at Christopher Banks. I ususlly buy size 12 but at CB I wear an 8, that sure feels good. Happy Sewing! Becki


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