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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I’m Not In Kansas or Rather Montana and an Owl


Early this morning, I was heading to Bozeman—on to Chicago for a little work assignment—I will be back home in Montana with the cowboy and Emmi on Saturday.  The Bozeman airport has worked hard in recent years to entice more airlines/flights to Bozeman and even a few direct flights.  It was so pleasurable this morning to take a direct flight to Chicago—I’ve forgotten what direct flights were living in Montana all these years! SmileAnd, how cool—this was a three hour flight and United offered free inflight movie/TV shows broadcast to your own device.  The time flew by as I watched on my iPad the movie Birdman,  starring Michael Keaton who is a neighbor of ours when in residence. 

The cab ride from airport to the Rush University Medical Center area was a traffic nightmare but I still arrived at the hotel before check-in time.  Oh, well, the hotel provides a free shuttle to nearby area dining/attractions.  I enjoyed a fabulous lunch sitting outside enjoying the amazing weather Chicago is experiencing!  That is I enjoyed my lunch after the waiter dispatched the two inch long cockroach!!! which was crawling over my bare flip flop encased toes!!!!  You would have been proud of me, I didn’t shriek, I just gasped, flicked it off with my finger and watched the waiter stomp on it—I was after all sitting outside!  Thank goodness we don’t have cockroaches in Montana!

Growing up I had two sets of aunts/uncles who lived in Chicago and I spent time here as a child and teenager.  I wish I had time for exploring but I will be spending all day and into the night in-servicing nursing staff Thursday and Friday.  I can at least see the top of the Sears Tower from my hotel room windows!


Monday evening Michael and I were sitting outside on the deck enjoying the beautiful/cool evening when he said, “get your camera, there’s a critter over there in that tree.”  We’ve had a hatch of magpie babies this summer and they were squawking incessantly—well they didn’t like Mr. Owl who had invaded their territory. 

DSCN1233DSCN1249Spooky eyes—brave magpie!

DSCN1254Maybe if I turn my head around I won’t see you Mr. Magpie! 

Life is good!


  1. Chi town, nice place to visit, but wouldn't want to live there!!!

  2. Too bad you can't get out to Frank's Pizza on the northwest side. What I wouldn't give for one of his thin crust Italian sausage pies!

  3. Cockroaches were a big shock to me when I moved to DC. Love your owl especially when he turned his head.

  4. What an interesting life you have... cockroaches and all ;-)

  5. Quite the contrast between Sears tower in the trees and the owl in the trees - you do not live a dull life :-) Love the face-off between the two birds - my money's on the mama!

  6. Well you could have come to Kansas, but we have had rather hot 99 degree weather and we aren't having dinner outside on the decks either at that temperature.. So perhaps the choice of Chicago was a good one even with the big roach...


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