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Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Good Sunday

Yesterday we braved going to Billings on a Saturday—I needed groceries—my produce supply was non-existent and we needed some other things too.  You see, we have company coming!

Larry and Geri have been wandering around in Minnesota, Canada, North and South Dakota this summer—we knew they had been visiting Canadian friends and that they were now back in the States.  Well, look who drove up our driveway today--

DSCN1351It was so good to see them—we enjoyed happy hour then a wonderful dinner of grilled tri-tip, smashed potatoes and Caesar salad with homemade chocolate ice cream for dessert.  Emmi was thrilled to see both Larry and Geri!  We’ve planned some ATV riding and just some visiting! 

Nat came for lunch and his son decided for once in his life he needed to ride an ATV—so off they went in the new Can Am.  I think Nat was impressed!

DSCN1350 Many years ago when my maternal grandmother was still alive and active, she and my Mom had come to visit in the winter time.  Grandma was about 85 at the time I think and we had tons of snow on the ground.  Mom and I went for a snowmobile ride and I then asked Grandma if she wanted to go—“oh, no, I better not.”  Well, when Mom and I came back from our ride, Grandma said, “do you think I could get on that machine?”  Well, she weighed less than 90 pounds at the time and I told her, “if you can’t get on, Michael and I will pick you up and put you on the machine.”  Well, Grandma got on the machine with me and I took her for a short little ride.  She was thrilled and was going home to tell all her cronies, “I rode a snow machine at the age of 85!” 

It was a very good Sunday!



  1. How neat for the father and son to take a spin in the new ATV!! You're only as old as you make yourself...age is only a number:) I'm glad your grandmother went for a snowmobile ride with you. A great memory for you!

  2. I bet Nat enjoyed his ride with Michael. It tied in nicely with the story about your maternal grandmother who chose to take a snowmobile ride with you many years back.

    Enjoy the company of your RV friends. I am sure you will awe them with some spectacular ATV rides.

  3. A great Sunday and a great memory. Enjoy your company.

  4. Friends, fun, family and fabulous memories - it doesn't get much better than that. All in a place with breath taking scenery and delicious food to share and you have a pretty perfect life :-)))))


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