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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We Take An ATV Run

Want to see some incredible July 4 fireworks photos—head on over to Riveted—taken from their boat in the harbor at Sitka, Alaska.  We have so enjoyed motoring along with this couple as they travel in their own boat along the southeast coast of Alaska.

Max and Dave moved to our little valley about six years ago to help out on the ranch belonging to Max’s aunt and uncle, Beth and Ed.  Beth is the daughter of one of the first folks to homestead in our valley.  Max and Dave have been wanting to take a little ATV ride and yesterday was the day.  We couldn’t have picked a better day!

Temps were cool, the sun was shining with few clouds.  The dang sticky flies did torment us for a while but on reaching Moccasin Lake the critters all disappeared—usually we are tormented by some sort of nasty bug at that lake—horse flies, mosquitoes, etc.—but yesterday nothing!  We spent an enjoyable couple hours eating our lunch and visiting.  Jake and Emmi chased sticks and sniffed.  

The wildflowers were stunning, the grass brilliantly green and the creeks were flowing.  It was indeed a perfect day!

IMG_2417IMG_2430IMG_2433Jake is part lab and is not crazy about the water, Dave said he is a disgrace to all labs! SmileIMG_2436


IMG_2443IMG_2476Jake would run and run—any puddle he came to he would lay down in the water to cool off.  He resented it when Max would make him ride for a while to rest. 

As you can see in the photos, we have some of that Canadian smoke—we are thinking it is going to be a bad year for forest fires!

And Judy, thanks for the heads up on the hawk we saw—we are now seeing a pair and even a third one at times—always in the same place. 


  1. That picture of Emmi in the flowers is just wonderful. Too bad about all the smoke but it sure was nice that you got the ATV ride in.

  2. Janna you are so right about Riveted. Thank you for guiding me to their blog. I too am enjoying their trip in Alaska. The videos they took with the drone are awesome. They are 2 very lucky people to be viewing such beautiful landscape and wildlife.

  3. We're on Vancouver Island for the summer and we are in the midst of thick smoke. We haven't seen blue sky for several days although it is totally clear up above the smoke. The worst of it is that all the logging roads and trails are closed to ATVing. Many trails are even closed to walking because of the extreme fire hazard. Fortunate that you are able to get out riding. Enjoy it while you can!

  4. Any day around water without bugs is a good day:) Love that photo of Emmi in the wildflowers:) Too bad there are so many wildfires again this year.

  5. Even with the haze it looks like a beautiful day by the water. Maybe that smoke is keeping down the flying bugs? We're continuing to head north, hoping the smoke thins or that at least it isn't choking around the OP. Of course we can always change direction if needed. I love saying that :-)

  6. Sorry for the Canadian smoke. With so little normal rains this season, the lightning strikes have started so many wildfires. Nice looking scenery for your quad trip though.


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