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Monday, June 29, 2015

Good To Be Home

Flying to Nashville and back was a trip without incident—that’s always a good thing—planes were on time, I had good seats and good books to read.  Speaking of good books—The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd was one of those books I couldn’t put down.  On Friday I had a two hour plane ride to Minneapolis, a three hour layover in the Minneapolis airport and another two hour flight to Nashville.  That’s a whole lot of reading hours—I usually people watch but I was so into this book—loved it!

Sunday after arriving in Billings I made a quick stop at Costco for fruits and vegetables then headed home to my cowboy and one happy little dog!  Like much of the country Montana is hot and dry—we have no air conditioning as we seldom need it.  Last night I was thinking we needed it!

Today was catch up time—submitting hours and expenses, laundry, giving all my outside plants a hearty drink.  Michael kept everything watered well while I was gone—he’s a good husband!

We’ve had three peony bushes planted for years and never a peony.  The newest bush planted about three years ago finally has ONE peony—a beautiful, pink one!

DSCN1157 and the columbine are gorgeous as always although with this heat they are starting to disappear.


Due to the heat I am sure, we have these nasty little “sticky flies” which do their best to get in your ears, up your nose, behind your glasses—just about the most annoying little buggers!  The flies were making the horses frantic this morning so I grabbed some horse treats and the bottle of horse insect spray.  I didn’t even have to catch the horses, they just stood perfectly still eating their treats and let me spray them as if to say, “AHHHHH, that’s better.” 

Nashville was fun but it’s good to be home, too!


  1. I think peonies have the best fragrance of any flower, but to look at, columbine are my favorites. You're lucky to have both!

  2. Glad you had a good trip. Boy, summers are getting so there is no where cool any more. How nice that you helped the horses out:) I've always loved peonies, I just wish they didn't get ants. The columbine bloom is so pretty. Hope it cools down for you:)

  3. It seems like everyone no matter where they are for the summer are having a lot of heat.

  4. Lovely Peony.... such a delicate color. Are those "Black Flies"? The only thing "good" about them is their bite effects doesn't last quite as long as mosquitoes. Would love to have some of your warm temps!

  5. Nothing better than a really good book for a long plane-travel day - I'll have to check this one out when I finally finish the Outlander series. How nice to have the lovely peony to welcome you home. Hope your heat wave doesn't last too long. We are so happy to be where it's cool this year.

  6. Pretty tough to beat home, isn't it? I imagine the horses were thankful for the attention.


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