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Friday, July 24, 2015

Confession Time

In the blog posted last night I alluded to another story about our long way around trip to Cooke City.  Several readers noticed from the photos that we seemed to be in a different ATV.  Last winter while in Arizona the cowboy and I both began to have “roof envy.”  The side by side ATVs such as the Ranger or RZR usually have a roof protecting you from the sun to a degree.  I also envied the ladies riding in the passenger seat taking photos.  Riding my own ATV I would have to stop to take photos giving Larry plenty of time to lose me as he rode on ahead!! Smile

When we took the trip up Mill Creek we drove/rode Sarge’s RZR and liked it.  Someone else mentioned the Can Am side by side—for comfortable seats and power.  So—the cowboy had a mission—forking out the dollars for a new Can Am was not in his frugal nature and he spent many, many hours on Craigslist shopping.  We found one in Billings with 1600 miles, a 2013 but the guy wasn’t available to show it to us.  There was another one in Wright, WY—almost four hundred miles away from us!!  This Can Am was also a 2013 with only 600 miles on it and priced very right but didn’t I say it was FOUR HUNDRED miles away!! 

Well, Michael left the owner an email through Craigslist on Friday.  It wasn’t until Monday that the owner returned the email and said, yes, he would meet us halfway in Sheridan, WY.  We were to meet Sarge and company in Cooke City on Wednesday morning.  So—bright and early Tuesday with the truck camper loaded and trailer in tow we headed to Wyoming—the opposite direction from Cooke City.  After seeing the Can Am—we purchased it from the nice young man who met us halfway.  It’s in great shape and matches the jeep John Brown! Smile


Just after noon we were heading up and I do mean up Highway 14A out of Ranchester, WY.  DSCN1281YIKES!!  This was the sign on the downhill side but there was a matching one on the uphill side!!  We made it just fine—it was slow going but we had no problems.

DSCN1288DSCN1296Looking down on Big Horn Lake near Lovell, Wyoming.

OK, we crossed one mountain pass, now we would cross another from near Cody, WY to Cooke City, Montana.  When I lived in Powell, WY one of my favorite drives was the Chief Joseph Highway which leads through Sunlight Basin then either up the Beartooth Highway or on to Cooke City and Yellowstone National Park.  So—up we went again—the scenery along this highway is spectacular!

DSCN1299It was after 5:30pm when we arrived at our boondocking spot near Cooke City—you read the rest of the story in last nights’ post. 


IMG_2585IMG_2619Notice the jackets!




  1. I was going to comment yesterday about the smaller different hood on your jeep, but figured all would be revealed in proper time.

  2. Congrats on the new toy. Emmi must love having both of you with her on the trails! Can't wait to see how you get it back to Congress :-)

  3. Love the new ATV! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures you take, such an incredible area you live and travel in.

  4. Congrats on your new toy. Beautiful pictures.

  5. That's a nice little splash of yellow you got yourself there. Kelly & I briefly talked about one of those side by side buggies a couple winters ago but just wasn't in our budget. Not knowing how long we'll keep the Congress house was another factor. They do seem a safer & more practical way to travel rough terrain than an ATV. I guess the other deciding factor was having to go places with groups of people & that just didn't appeal to either one of us. Oh well..............

  6. Thank you for the more formal introduction.... She's a real beauty!! And as usual you hunted up another good bargain... We all need Mike as our purchase agent....LOL And its in Jeep Yellow too... I'm sure you'll spend many wonderful hours taking spectacular pictures in that baby for our blogging enjoyment....

  7. Very nice Looking, and I am sure you will enjoy riding?

  8. I also noticed that you were in a yellow 4x4 but forgot to ask. Very cool new vehicle! But you were getting so good at all those steep climbs!!


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