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Friday, July 3, 2015

It’s Still Hot

Not much of a blog tonight, it’s still hot and dry in Montana—so hot we resorted to hanging out in the basement!  Our basement is not finished—as in the ceilings are exposed and the walls are just concrete and boards plus there is nothing on the floor but concrete except in my quilting room where I have rugs to keep the quilts clean—but it’s cool!  Earlier this week we drove up to Claire and Robyn’s to retrieve the sectional couch they gave us—we brought the couch into the basement for storage until we head to Arizona in the fall.  So—we have comfy seating while hanging out in the cool basement. 

Yesterday Tammy and I went to yoga in Big Timber and I then spent the afternoon in the cool basement finishing a quilt for PJ—granddaughter to our friend Jeane and Steve.  Photos to come later. 

Today we were not thinking clearly and went to Billings—what a zoo and dang it was hot!  But we did have a great lunch at Jake’s!  I went to JoAnn’s to pick up some wide elastic—this JoAnn’s store opened in its current location two-three years ago to high praise.  Now the store is dirty, the merchandise sparse and they had very little fabric for such a large store.  I was looking for some different (not cotton) fabric to make a skirt—I used some cotton I had on hand to make a test skirt—it was so big another person could have climbed inside with me!!!!  SmilePatterns have not changed in the years since I made all my clothes!  I altered the skirt to fit and am now ready to make another—but struck out trying to find fabric at JoAnn’s. 

Even Emmi is not liking this heat—those nasty little sticky flies are still hanging around and swarm her when we go outside.  She will play ball for a while but then head for the door to be let inside.  Now those dang flies have decided to start biting!  One bit the cowboy on the palm of his hand—he was not impressed.  Me—I have multiple bites as usual!

Happy July 4 weekend—we are sticking close to home.


  1. I know one has to be careful what one wishes for, but dang its cool/cold in northern Wisconsin. Blow some this way, you're always generous sending snowfalls this way, how bout a little warmth. Stay cool!!!

  2. I sure hope it cools off by the end of month. I may need to bring an air conditioner with me.

  3. Back in the late 70's I had a new house with a basement rec room. I just loved it down there. Warm in the winter & cool in the summer. And basements have a tendency to be very quiet. I would love to have a house again with a finished basement; Just so practical.

  4. How perfect that you have a nice cool cave of your own to retreat to - and that it just happens to have a nice comfy spot to sit :-) I continue to be thrilled that we chose the coast this summer - sure seems like we dodged some high temps everywhere! The Joanns near our old house went out of business just before we left. It had steadily declined over the last few years as well.

  5. So... I'm reading your blog... sitting here wearing wool socks, jeans, a wool sweater, and still kinda cold. I quickly read how hot it is there and went on to read about your sewing projects... I'm curious... I used to make my own clothes and my kids clothes, but haven't in years. I know purchased clothing sizes have changed a lot. I wore a size 10 when I was 18 years old... had a 21" waist. I still wear a size 10 but now weigh 30 pounds more and added several (!) inches. What about patterns these days? Do McCalls and Butterick still sell those?


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