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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wow Did Our Weather Ever Deteriorate!!

I guess the weather police will be after me next for writing about weather but so be it. SmileWe’ve gone from sunny, warmish weather and dry roads to 17 degrees, snow and scary slick roads.  We went into town to take lunch to Nat and the roads were just about as nasty as they were the night we went in the ditch with the jeep back before Christmas. 

Just a clarification about bulk fuels.  Diesel fuel or gasoline can be purchased in bulk in any form.

1. Diesel fuel for use in on road vehicles—diesel pickups, semi-trucks, busses, motorhomes, etc. use this fuel.

2. Off road diesel fuel—frequently called “red dye” fuel—is used in equipment NOT driven on the highway such as farm equipment or construction equipment.  The penalty for using this less expensive diesel fuel in a vehicle driven on the highway is extremely high—so high we would never even consider using this type fuel for highway vehicles.

We have three different, well marked bulk tanks labeled with government supplied stickers which state, 1. GASOLINE, 2. DIESEL, OFF ROAD USE ONLY, 3. ON HIGHWAY USE DIESEL and when we are feeling flush, we fill all three of those bulk tanks. Smile

After our trip to town we went over and spent some time at Lonn and LoraLee’s.  Both our granddaughter’s husbands left for home today driving some miles over those slick, awful roads.  And that’s about it for our cold, wintery Sunday.

May have to give those Bounce dryer sheets a try in our VW bug! 


  1. Woke up this morning to the patter of rain on the roof of the 5th wheel. Hmmmm, what a surprise wake up that was. I thought we were back on the west coast, for a minute or two....over being in Yuma, AZ. The rain stopped within a few minutes though.

    I hope the Bounce sheets work for holding back the mice. Before moving to our new home, and storing our RV at the new place, we would store it in a farmer's yard. We had mice issues...! Using the Bounce sheets put a complete stop to the problem. Although we were skeptical at first, we became convinced when the problem never re-occurred. I recall the elderly RVer - who also stored his RV where ours was - watching Jeanette and I set traps and clean and he even gave us a box of Bounce. He claimed that he was never again plagued with mice issues using Bounce. It didn't hurt us to try....and be darned; it worked. He suggested we used them liberally......and we did just that! Is it the cure-all? Who is to know! It just worked. I hope it works for you too.

  2. Yep - a couple of minutes of rain out here in the desert like Rene and Jeanette said. Good luck with the Bounce. We stored an RV in Billings for a year or so but we lucked out because we didn't ever have any mice. Thank goodness. I really don't like them critters. Be safe on those slick roads.

  3. Weather seems to be the major subject nowadays. We're in for more rain, sleet, and snow over the next two days if the weatherman is correct. I'll be trying the Bounce sheets, too.

  4. Even if Bounce didn't work your VW is bound to smell a bit better! I always enjoy hearing about the weather in different parts of the country.

    Interesting to hear there was a bit of rain in Yuma - we didn't get any here in Desert Hot Springs.

  5. Stay warm over there! And please be careful on the nasty roads.

  6. As an Iowan and farm kid, I am embarrassed that you would even have to explain the Red Dye bit to folks... You don't even think about cheating or you wouldn't see the light of day again... Did someone accuse you of that kind of a thing....?


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