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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More Driving

After Michael did some more research on the internet, we loaded up the jeep and off we went.  We had found a piece of property, a little far outside of Kingman for me but I was willing to go look.  The young man who owned the property (he had inherited it) knew little about it and we had a three way conversation with him and a realtor friend of his here in Kingman.  We had a subdivision map with parcel numbers and Michael asked about the dotted lines shown on the map going across the upper edge of the property.  Michael asked if it was a power line.  The realtor assured us the dotted lines did not show on his map so it was probably an abandoned power line.  Yea, right, and if you believe that one, I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you!  We get out to the property and there is one of those BIG, HUGE power transmission lines on the upper edge of the property.  Guess we don’t want that one!

Next up was a parcel not far from this RV park—two ten acre pieces—beautiful property with gorgeous views but the road left a LOT to be desired!!  Here are some photos of this piece:

IMG_9819IMG_9820We went back out late this afternoon and walked the property finding the survey pins.  While the property is gorgeous, we both are having doubts about that road. 

While out trying to find the first piece this morning (the one with the power line) we ran across some signs and took a drive—an even more beautiful parcel if that’s possible and the road into this one was good.  We are waiting for the realtor to call us back—no price on the signs. 

And that’s what we did today. 


  1. Good on you both for the true dilligence in checking out the properties. Some realtors should not be in the business! It's fun following along with your travels and property searches.

  2. Well if you can get your Pink motorhome and that long trailer in there you are probably not safe from us either. Sure is beautiful country though.

  3. Hey look at the bright side.... with the proper pickup coils, you could keep your batteries charged forever!!!!

  4. Come to Arkansas! We have beautiful scenic "mountains" :)

  5. Good luck, I hope everything works in your favor!!

  6. Interesting - didn't realize you were looking for property in the southwest. Looks to be way out in the boonies just the way you both like it!

  7. You are making me homesick for Arizona!


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