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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Videos and KitchenAid Mixers

Not long ago while scrolling through Facebook, I noticed that videos played automatically when the cursor rolled over the video—what’s up with that???  I also saw a reference to this on another person’s Facebook page saying, “you cannot change this in your Facebook settings.”  Well KarenInTheWoods figured out how to stop this issue—you can disable this little problem in your brower.  I use Chrome and was able to disable this feature by going to settings and content.  Here is the link Karen sent me. 

I have noticed one problem after disabling the auto-play feature in Chrome—gadgets such as WeatherBug which I have on my blog do not load automatically any more, the gadget is there but is blank—I have to click on the gadget to get any info.  There is a spot to enter “exceptions” when disabling auto-play—I may now have to figure out how to do that!  It’s always something isn’t it???

Yes, Peter, our motorhome is a diesel pusher but we usually bring it home full of diesel and have no need to replenish it from our bulk tanks.  Plus the motorhome holds 160 gallons of fuel (ouch!)!  Buying fuel in bulk is NOT less expensive, in fact it is usually about twenty cents per gallon more expensive than at the pump.

Michael brought my little 1959 VW up to the house today and ordered new tires.  He is going to try his hand at recovering the seats.  Now we have to figure out how to keep the dang mice out of it!!  Disgusting little varmints!!

We spent the afternoon and evening at Lonn and LoraLee’s enjoying a great dinner—I roasted pork tenderloins in the oven and accompanied the meat with Pioneer Woman’s potatoes, and a salad.  Dessert was fresh apple cake and ice cream.  Michael and Lonn taught Laci’s husband John how to play cribbage—I warned John to watch out for that card shark Michael! 

The motorhome is outfitted well with kitchen tools and gadgets but some of the things I use both in the house and the motorhome—I take my KitchenAid mixer and my good knives from the house—so as a result both those heavily used items are in John and Brenda’s yard in Arizona!  I’ve been missing my mixer—I found some knives I could get along with—I mentioned it at dinner last night with Sarge and Sarah.  Well, Sarah offered me the use of her KitchenAid mixer—they are gluten free eaters and Sarah said she had not used the mixer in a long, long time.  But the best thing—they delivered it to Lonn and LoraLee’s this afternoon!  I am back in the bread making business!!  Thank you Sarah!!

IMG_9852Snow and cold temps are headed our way this week—we might not be seeing so much bare ground! 


  1. Great on the mixer!!!! Yes, I have a few "favorites" in the way of kitchen things that I would trek in and out with. But keeping a careful eye out at rummages and thrift shops, most everything now has a "duplicate" so I don't need to have to remember as much.

    As for your weather bug stuff, you can just click on them and a tiny puzzle piece looking thing will allow you to open them??? I haven't figured out the exception thing yet either. But at least the danged AutoPlay stopped using up my data allowance bandwidth!!!

    Is your car parked near an electrical outlet! The small electric Victor Mouse Repellant Devices work great! Plug one into an extension cord and set it in the car. We use them in our motor home, garage and basement. (they don't bother dogs hearing either)

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. Some things are just necessary... and good knives are one of them. I didn't bring any with me on this trip, and I sure miss having "my" knife here. Glad you got some of your necessities replaced ;-)

  3. I've found the rats become accustomed to the "sound" of the electronic repellers after ten days/two weeks. There is however a weird one that HAS worked for several years... BOUNCE DRYER sheets. yup... all dryer sheets work but BOUNCE seem to be most effective. and they never seem to get accustomed. I trapped 32 mice in two weeks in the fiver a few years back. after the clean up work I was told of the sheets. Started using them. I keep two active traps in the rig as an Early warning fall back system. Haven't trapped a single rat or seen fresh sign in more than five years. I also used them to chase mice out of the truck and the subaru before we hit the road... when they became infested.... there's something in the "Scent" of those sheets that mice just detest.

  4. We use the electronic repellant thingy's (a highly technical term, that I won't bore you explaining) in our quonset and I have found a bar of Irish Spring soap has kept the mice out of my old black dually for going on 15 years now.

  5. Can't imagine life without bread even though I don't make it myself. Can't you train one of your cats to protect your car? LOL

  6. This is for Peter. Bulk diesel fuel is considered for "off road" use and is "colored." The penalty for using "off road" diesel for other than farm use carries a stiff penalty--$10000 (if caught) when I worked for Cenex.

    1. Not quite correct DeeBev--diesel fuel or gasoline can be bought in bulk in any form. We buy ON ROAD diesel fuel as well as gasoline in bulk. You are correct in saying OFF road diesel fuel is "colored pink" and the fine for using that colored diesel fuel in ON ROAD vehicles is very stiff!! The penalty is high enough we wouldn't even consider using OFF ROAD diesel in one of the vehicles we drive such as the motorhome!!! All the Cenex stations in this area deliver on road and off road diesel fuel as well as gasoline. We have THREE different, well marked bulk tanks labeled with government supplied stickers which state, 1. GASOLINE, 2. OFF ROAD DIESEL USE ONLY, 3. ON HIGHWAY USE DIESEL and when we are feeling flush, we fill all three of those bulk tanks.

  7. We can vouch for the 'Bounce' sheets. We learned of this from an old timer RVer. We have used the sheets ever since and have never, ever had any mice issues. When our fiver was parked for one month in southern California, while we were back home, Jeanette and I spread well over 40 'Bounce' sheets in the fiver and in our storage compartments. Once back, we collected all the sheets. Our fiver smelled nice....and no mice or evidence of them were detected.

  8. Hmmm..........seems like Irish Spring soap or Bounce??? Even if these didn't stop mice at least a person would have a nice smelling rig!

    Nice gift of the mixer!

  9. When I moved into my rig, almost eight years ago, just about the first thing I brought in was my set of Cutco knives. :)

  10. Janna,
    To tired tonight to tackle ALL the above subject matter .... But have had experience that circles most of the subjects !!!! I think I smell the fresh bread !!!! Thinking of your daughter- in-law and saying some prayers . Sally

  11. Don't know why but we have never had a mouse or rat problem.....yet. There, now that I have gone & mentioned it I fully expect our rig to be totally overrun by a multitude of many mad mice as soon as I go out this morning. Things seem to happen that way at times..............


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