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Sunday, January 5, 2014

LED Lights and A Visit

The cowboy spent the morning being a contortionist—installing our new LED lights.  In 2010 while in the Quartzsite area, we checked out the LED lights being offered—our motorhome has mostly fluorescent tubes and in 2010, the price was $40/tube—we bought one!  To replace all the light bulbs in our motorhome at those prices would have cost us about $800!!  Now the LED lights are less expensive, still not cheap, but less expensive—Michael ordered 6 tubes for just a little less than $17 each and today he installed those.  Here he is installing the one under the bathroom cabinet--


Sunday lunch was delicious—I had marinated a pork tenderloin overnight and cooked it on the grill.  We also had Pioneer Woman crash hot potatoes, carrots and green beans—very, very good!


After lunch we took a drive—found what looks like a dry lake bed which went on for miles and miles—there were some guys out there flying a remote control helicopter.


Michael’s buddy Sarge told us to go and visit a friend of his—they used to work for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks together—so we did today.  We knocked on the door, a very pleasant lady opened the door, Michael said, “a guy named Sarge sent us” and she shut the door in our face!!

But, she opened it up right quick laughing—we spent about a hour visiting with Bruce and Diane—they live in Butte, MT when it is not cold and Diane has a daughter living in Las Vegas.  Very nice people, we wished we had gone to visit them earlier rather than the day before we were leaving!

Back home Michael began putting stuff away—the grill, etc. and I walked Ms. Emmi—it may be warm here during the day but when the sun goes behind that mountain, it gets cool!  Of course, not as cool as back home in Montana—that’s for sure!


  1. While I loved seeing the photos of that desert landing strip for the helicopter, I laughed out loud when reading about "almost Sydney" and the baked potatoes. Might have to try it... the potatoes, not conceiving......

  2. Hope you're missing the cold surge from the north that is engulfing Texas tonight!

  3. It sure does get cool at night. But the sun always warms it back up by mid day!! Enjoy the dessert!!

  4. We have changed out some standard lights for LED's in our 5th wheel. We like the result and they use only 1/12th the energy of regular lights.

    Those folks you visited sure seemed to have a great sense of humour.

  5. That is one big, dry, flat lake bed. I'm waiting for some of our lights to bite the dust so I can try some LED's too.

  6. I have been putting off changing to LED's for the same reason. Besides the cost, the few I have installed did not last as long as the standard ones:(

  7. Let us know what you think of the lights... we only changed 2 of our bulbs to LED bulbs in the smaller brass fixtures but they seem so "green" to us. Haven't changed any more nor any of the long flourescent ones either.

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard


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