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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wind And More Wind

We spent the day in Billings yesterday and decided to stay home today.  There is very little snow on the ground but the wind is absolutely howling—Al was complaining about the wind in Congress—we got wind here. SmileMonday went on record as being the windiest day ever recorded in Billings, MT on that date—67mph wind gusts!  That’s the day we drove our granddaughter’s car home from Billings—it didn’t get very good gas mileage coming home into that wind!  One plus of the wind and warmer temps—we have very little snow.

Our walk was nice this morning before the wind took hold again—there is hardly any snow in our pastures so walking is easy.  Emmi loves being off leash again!  The rest of the day was spent puttering at this and that.  There are things I really miss when in the motorhome—my large capacity washing machine and the dishwasher—both got a work out today!

This afternoon we went into town to take Nat back up to the assisted living facility—he wanted to ask some more questions and see the apartment again.  Nat is understandably having a very hard time making up his mind about entering the assisted living facility.  He has made a deposit on this apartment and may move in by the first of February to see how he likes it, keeping his house for the time being. 

And that was our day here in Montana. 

IMG_8689Taken in September, 2012, looks better than our bleak winter scene right now.


  1. Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  2. Those are some nasty winds alright - enough to blow the snow right out of Montana.

    Big decision for Nat to make after so many years taking care of himself. I kind of hope he gets to the like the assisted care facility.

  3. When my Uncle Harry left his house & moved into assisted living he adjusted well. Had a nice large room, still had his car, meals were supplied, had folks to check on him, could come & go as he pleased, & best of all......they had a big professional billiard table. He loved that. He was at the assisted living facility for about 4 years before moving on to a nursing home where he passed away nearly a year ago.

  4. Making that move to assisted living must be so difficult. We helped John's mother make this move. She was very happy. She enjoyed having people to share meals. I know it made us feel better knowing she had others around. That's a good idea Nat has to try it and keep his house.

  5. Yup.... I think I miss the dishwasher the mist.... And the garbage disposal second most....

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  6. Speaking with our son and daughter in law, from Edmonton, Alberta, they faced winds up to 120 km/hr yesterday. They suffered no damage but some roofs took a beating.

    With our own parents who made the transition from independent living to assisted living, we understand the difficulties that can be associated with such a move. To keep his home till he is comfortable with the move, Nat has made a wise decision. Good on him.

  7. I remember driving in Montana winds once. When we finally got off the road and opened the door a gust almost ripped it off.


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