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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chores Day

Ms. Emmi was a little shaggy looking for desert living so into the shower she went (not willingly!) this morning and once she dried we set up a beauty parlor outside under the little carport we have with this site and Emmi got a haircut! IMG_9700

Here’s our next RV:

IMG_9668It was candy stripe pink—kind of cute but I don’t think the cowboy was too impressed!

Do you have trouble when binding quilts?? Paulette had a link to this Binding tutorial and while I bind my quilts using most of the methods shown in the YouTube video, there was one tip which blew my socks off—don’t stress out making those binding strips match perfectly when sewing the 45 degree angle—just lay the strips in a “cross” and stitch, eyeballing the 45 degree line and whacking off the excess—can’t wait to try this one!!

The search engine on my blog as well as other blogs I read has stopped working.  I mentioned it in last night’s blog hoping Rick had a solution—nope, his doesn’t work either.  But, Rick did have a suggestion—use the one which appears in the top blue bar located at the top of any blog using the Blogger platform.  I tried it and it does work—not as well as a blog specific search engine but it does work.

Well, if you want to know how to do anything—watch a YouTube video—I learned how to take a screen shot using my new iPad—now if I could just figure out how to get that photo uploaded into Picasa  I would be doing well!!  Recognize that “despicable quilt shop app” Paulette??  It worked like a charm except the quilt shop it led me to in Pahrump doesn’t exist—maybe.  Seems there is little if any zoning in Pahrump—there will be a street of beautiful, newer homes and one of them will have the garage closed in and there will be a business there—today I saw a shop which advertised makeup tattooing.  The quilt shop was supposedly just down the street from that particular house—new house, yard wasn’t even totally landscaped but no sign, nothing to indicate it was a quilt shop other than a package which had been delivered and left on the front porch—looked suspiciously like a roll of batting.  


The cowboy had a little episode today—seems he is tired of our bay doors falling due to worn out gas cylinder props—he gets whacked on top of the head causing the air to turn blue! SmileSo, he made a run to the local RV shop looking for those and a new propane regulator.  He found the gas props and the propane regulator will be in tomorrow.  Success! 

Has anyone read The Book Thief??  Oh, my—a very disturbing, stay with you kind of book, I am so glad I read it.  A young woman growing up in a foster home in Nazi Germany develops a love for books and turns to stealing in order to get those books she loves so much—the story is much deeper but I will let you read the book for yourself!  It’s the first book I’ve read on my iPad mini using the Kindle app—I loved it!


  1. Yes, this app took us to a residential area once too...turned out the lady had an on-line quilt shop based out of her home!! Grrr...thank goodness we weren't towing the RV!! It's a fun app but I can see problems when a shop goes out of business and it closes...

  2. I read The Book Thief when it first came out. Excellent story. Looking forward to the movie.

    You can find everything on You Tube. John had done many repairs thanks to a video.

  3. I have to say that I never have trouble binding quilts because I don't ever do any kind of sewing. ;)

  4. Once you finish reading the Book Thief you can then go see it at the movies. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Hi Janna, Our book club read "The Book Thief " when it first came out . We have all been looking for the movie which is now out in theaters,

  6. Chore days are necessary, from time to time. Good use of your iPad, I see. We really enjoy ours too.

  7. Miss Emmi really looks all pretty now. Hoping to get the girl's nails done tomorrow. Not us - we learned to let somebody else take care of that chore. Saw the previews for the Book Thief and it looks very interesting.

  8. Did Paulette tell you that Quilt Shop app also takes control of your vehicle and automatically steers you to the nearest shop??

    There are a lot of ways to get photos from your iPad to your computer. One simple way is to plug your iPad into your USB computer port, then click on My Computer and treat the iPad as an external drive to simply copy or move the photos. There are auto ways as well, I think I use Photostream to sync all mine but I'll have to look it up.

  9. Ahhh I will look at the Utube tomorrow when my data allottment resets for the month (only get 5GB a month so we have to pick and choose what we watch on utubes)

    LOVELOVELOVE the pink candy striped trailer! Looks close to a 1960 Mayfair that we had when we were kids! But ours was silver, not striped! LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  10. Wanna come and give our 82 lb black Lab a bath? No wait, it's only 15 degrees. Sunday it's suppose to be -12, the coldest weather in years!
    I watched that quilt binding video several months ago. I couldn't believe after all these years of binding quilts, I could learn something new! I've been to Missouri Star quilts several times. My sewing machine man Phil, lives in that town of Hamilton Missouri.
    Youtube is a great help, especially when trying to figure out a new machine and how to put it down in the cabinet ;)
    Stay safe!

  11. I just finished The Book Thief and loved it too,, so well written and could hardly finish it for the tears...


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