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Monday, January 20, 2014

Just Hanging Around

That’s what we’ve been doing—just hanging around.  Our daughter-in-law comes from a large family and many of them have come to visit—we decided to let them visit without us the last two days. 

When we had the entire ranch and our construction company we bought diesel fuel in bulk from the local gas station in Big Timber, 500 gallons at a time.  We don’t have as much need for diesel now and the station which formerly delivered to us does not offer that service any longer.  The only highway vehicle we now have which uses diesel is Michael’s 1995 truck—Saturday after we returned from Lonn’s Michael noticed we were getting mighty low on fuel.

So, Sunday I made a pot of beef stew and we traveled to town having lunch with Nat and getting diesel fuel. 

I’ve complained many times on this blog about our local grocery store, an IGA.  Not only is the store poorly stocked but their prices are ridiculous.  I really don’t mind paying a little extra for the convenience of the grocery store being close (22 miles Smile) but I don’t appreciate being gouged! 

I bought butter yesterday, $4.89 per pound at the IGA.  Today, we decided to make a grocery buying run to Billings.  Butter was $7.99 for FOUR pounds at Costco!!!  That alone almost paid for our gas!!  A six ounce bag of pecans at the IGA was $8.00 and they tasted awful.  I got 2 pounds of pecans for $11 at Costco today.  I tried to buy enough groceries to last us two weeks—I bought enough hamburger meat and chicken to last even longer—we will see how long it lasts and how much I have to discard. 

Back home Michael popped some popcorn and we each won a game of cribbage.  Just hanging around!


  1. Freezing the meat you won't use and dry packing everything else should save you from discarding any food at all. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I tend to think your motor home is diesel as well, no?

  3. ahhh yes and suddenly all dairy products, (butter, cheese, milk) around here has jumped up in price??? Heck.. we are in Wisconsin Dairyland and it should be cheaper???

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  4. That's a pretty big difference in food prices alright. It's tough to beat Costco!

  5. Sounds like that IGA thinks they are in Canada. Check and see what kind of healthcare they have there. ;)

  6. Grocery prices are rising everywhere. The low-fat hamburger I like has jumped to $4.15 a pound. Coffee prices are ridiculous. And yet our gov't tries to tell us there is no inflation. Guess none of them buy groceries. Sure wish we had a Costco somewhat nearby.

  7. It's bad enough paying high prices for groceries, but then to have them taste bad is even worse!

  8. Thinking of you everyday. You do a fabulous job of being upbeat and positive in everything you write, but I know these are tough times. Prayers to you all!
    Nina and Paul


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